In memory of Sophia

Brava Sophia di Castello Berge,
born 25 May 2008, passed away 25 November 2017

Our Sophia was a very reserved personality. It took her a long time to trust strangers. She was a healthy dog throughout her life, who only had to go to the vet for vaccination. But in autumn 2017 there was a catastrophe: I noticed the huge swollen lymph nodes at her neck, at the bow joint and the back of the knees were also very swollen. I knew the diagnosis all too well: lymph gland cancer.

Until the end of November 2017, Sophia was actually doing quite well, we were able to handle the bad eating with special treats. On Saturday the 25 November 2017 our sweetheart ate lunch as usual and lay down in her bed. When Hans looked in on her half an hour later, she had fallen asleep forever. At her passing she was as quiet and reserved as she was in life.

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