In memory of Marie

born 28 December 2000, passed away 23 February 2014

Marie came to us as a foster child at the age of 3 weeks. Her mother had given birth to 9 puppies at the shelter and did not have enough milk for all of them. After the stressful time of hand raising was over, we could not imagine our family without this lovely little furry nose any more. Marie was a typical Shepherd dog in many ways: agile, alert and always ready to do anything. Thank God she hasn't inherited the nervous side of the Shepherd. She was a totally sweet, tolerant and uncomplicated dog. Marie's greatest hobbies (apart from eating and playing with other dogs) were playing football and swimming.

Marie was diagnosed with anal gland cancer at the age of nine and a half. Thanks to good care by both professionals and non professionals, she enjoyed good quality of life for a further three and a half years.

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