K-litter - 31 March 2019

How time passes

Chronological diary of our K-litter, 2019

14 January 2019

After a lot of planning and looking for a suitable male for our Gloria, all preparations (examinations and arrangements with the stud dog owner) are finally complete and today, FINALLY, Gloria comes into season. Now we are ready for our K-litter.

24 January 2019

This morning we go to the vet to take blood samples to check progesterone levels. Because I want to get the result this morning, I take the blood sample directly to the laboratory myself. The result comes through very fast: 2.5 ng, but it is much too low to proceed.

26 January 2019

Because it is a weekend we can't get a new progesterone test done, so we go to Belgium. The father of the babies will be No Nonsense Nelson Of First Avenue. He is in private home not at a breeder, but for mating he is brought to Regine Vandamme (Kennel of First Avenue). After a 2 hour drive we reach our destination, are warmly welcomed by Regine and Robert, but the main player Nelson is not interested; it is too early. We drive back home without having achieved anything and arrange to return one day later.

27 January 2019

A repeat of the day before. Again we have a good journey and in the early afternoon we are with Regine. This time things look completely different. A short racing game and Nelson mates without any delay. After the mating Regine takes blood and has the progesterone value determined again in a laboratory nearby which belongs to friends of hers because it is a Sunday. Happily we make our way home. Around 22.00 hrs Regine tells us that the value is 8.5 ng. Still quite low and we therefore make a date for the following Wednesday.

30 January 2019

A third time we drive to Belgium. This time the weather isn't good at all. Snow flurries on the motorway make driving difficult and not very safe. The journey takes longer and we are already eagerly awaited. However, we are compensated: Nelson is enthusiastic about Gloria and the mating goes very well. Once again blood tests are carried out to determine the progesterone level and we make our way home. Meanwhile the snow covers the motorway, so driving is terrible. I need twice as long as usual. Near home we have more problems with the snow. Due to a truck accident our way is closed for the last kilometer. We park our car on the meadow and walk the last meters. Arriving home we get good news to compensate: Regine called to say the progesterone value is perfect. Now we have to wait.

22 February 2019

Hooray, Gloria's pregnant. We have the ultrasound and there is no doubt.

31 March, 1 April 2019

Our K children are born. Gloria gives birth to 5 strong boys and 2 sweet girls quickly and without any complications.

16 April 2019

Today the babies have their first milk porridge. Delicious.

K-litter - 31 March, 1 April 2019

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Karlo male 23:35 600
Kai-Mook Kaitlyn female 00:20 670
Kieron male 01:50 800
Kharim male 02:42 680
Kaliko female 04:05 720
Kilian male 04:32 690
Kilroy male 07:05 580

28 May 2019

Today will be exciting. Our veterinarian comes and vaccinations, chipping and the liver shunt test are on the agenda. The little ones are not brave, and there is a lot of crying. However we are so relieved to learn that all the puppies are healthy and free of liver shunt.

5 June 2019

Today there is something very special on the agenda: the first joint excursion into the forest. The puppies love it.

20 June 2019

Times flies The first dwarf, little Kilroy, moves into his new family. One after another the little ones will move to their new homes.

24 June 2019

Little Kharim makes a visit to the vet. He needs a rabies vaccination to start his journey to Finland in 21 days.

15 July 2019

Today Kharim is collected for the big trip to Finland. He is the last puppy to leave our house. Little Kaliko stays with us to enrich our pack in the future.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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