J-litter - 19 March 2018

How time passes

Chronological diary of our J-litter, 2018

3 January 2018

Gloria is on heat. We have been looking forward to a litter with her for a long time and have chosen a wonderful male: Nextgeneration Noalan Of First Avenue, who is owned by Gary Janssens.

12 January 2018

Today we go to the vet for the first progesterone test. It did not look bad at all with a value of 6.8.

14 January 2018

Now it's time. We pack the car and we go off to Gary and Sandra Janssens in Belgium. It is Gloria's first mating and we are very curious how everything will work out. Wee arrived in Ranst early and the Janssens family invite us to share their Sunday breakfast. Shortly thereafter we stand with the two dogs in the garden of Gary's house and I can hardly believe my eyes: it doesn't take 5 minutes and Noalan mates confidently and safely and the two come to hang. It couldn't be better. Shortly afterwards we are on our way home again, not without an appointment for another meeting the day after tomorrow.

16 January 2018

Same situation as two days ago. We are on our way to Belgium again, this time in the afternoon. The roads are quite crowded and it starts to snow slightly, so we need much longer than on Sunday. Finally on arrival we are rewarded again with a very fast mating - with these minus temperatures one appreciates a safe stud dog very much. Soon we are on our way home again, in the dark and with snow falling driving is no pleasure. Now we have to wait for the ultrasound again.

7 February 2018

We have an ultrasound today. Hooray!!! :-) Gloria is pregnant.

13 March 2018

In the early morning we have the last check done on Gloria. Everything is ok, she is doing very well and today the 2nd herpes vaccination is also done.

16 March 2018

I have a long phone call with Tina. She wants to be the godmother of the litter and also to be there at the birth. We discuss all the details and from today onwards Tina will always have her mobile phone with her.

19 March 2018

The night is very quiet until about 04:00 am. Now Gloria is walking around, digging in the litter box and cleaning herself very extensively. Around 8:00am we call Tina to tell her to come here slowly but not to hurry yet! It will take some time. Not at all, at 10:39am the first male, Jack Wolfskin, is born. A short time later Tina finally arrives, just in time to receive fat puppy Johnny. It will be a completely uncomplicated and fast birth, and by about 16:40 hours all puppies are in the whelping box. We are very happy with 2 beautiful girls and 4 equally beautiful boys. A storybook birth!!!

J-litter - 19 March 2018

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Jack Wolfskin male 10:39 650
Johnny male 11:10 730
Jim-Joshi male 11:45 700
Joy female 13:08 630
Janis Joplin female 15:47 700
Joe male 16:39 610

The next days and weeks are not very exciting, the little ones and their mum are doing very well, they grow like weeds and are happy and content. Also the first new puppy parents are here. Our godmother Tina is always there if someone is needed for babysitting. Thank you dear aunt Tina ♥

18 April 2018

Today the little ones come to know the big wide world. They move into their puppy house. Now there is much more space to play, romp and explore the world.

2 May 2018

Visit from the vet! An early vaccination against Parvo.

15 May 2018

This vet appointment isn‘t so pleasant. The full program on the agenda: 7-fold vaccination, chipping and liver shunt test. This time the girls are very very brave.

In the early evening the result: all puppies are healthy. What more can we ask for?

18 May 2018

Today the last hurdle is on the agenda: our breeding supervisor Mrs. Gunther has announced her visit to check our little ones thoroughly. The papers are also checked very carefully and the vaccination pass and chip numbers are compared. Everything is ok and therefore our babies can be registered in the stud book.

30 May 2018

The move begins. Little Jack Wolfskin is the first puppy to leave us and move into his new family. One after the other the children will follow. All the best in your new life, dear puppies.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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