I-litter - 7 July 2016

How time passes

chronological diary of our I-litter, 2016

26 April 2016

We have been planning a second litter with Dolce Vita for some time now. Today she is in season. The father of this litter will be Jaskralja's Black Jack, owned by Ilse and Jos Frederichx (kennel name Treacka's Garden) in Mol, Belgium.

2 May 2016

We're starting to get ready. Today we go to the vet who checks Vita all over once more, does the first herpes vaccination and the progesterone test. The test result arrives around noon. At a value of 3.5 we can wait a few more days.

5 May 2016

Let's go back to the vet for the progesterone test. The result this time: 8.2. That means: start tomorrow.

6 May 2016

The car is packed, the documents in the bag and now we are on the way to Mol. After a relaxed drive, we arrive at our destination around 15:00 hrs. We meet Jos and Ilse on their fenced garden property a few roads from their house. Here we have more rest and no disturbances from the other dogs. It is a wonderful big meadow. In the middle there is a bigger garden house and when Jos opens the door I am amazed to see inside a beautiful replica of an Irish Pub. But first we get to work. We let the two dogs out of the car and after a wild racing game, Black Jack mates very determinedly. Before we drive home, we are very well catered for.

8 May 2016

To be on the safe side, we'll make a mating again today. This time my girlfriend Carmen is going with us, so the trip is not so monotonous. We meet again on the great garden property and this time Black Jack mates immediately, without any games. Dolce Vita thought it was great: don't talk about it for long... now we just have to wait for the ultrasound appointment.

27 May 2016

Today was ultrasound and the mating has been successful. We will have new Irish Wolfhound babies, probably around 8th July.

1 July 2016

Today we go to the vet for a second herpes vaccination.

5 July 2016

Vita is already experienced and checks the whelping box daily. She also sleeps in it for a few hours.

7 July 2016

After an almost sleepy night, the first girl is born this morning at 6:55 am with minimal unrest. The babies are born at short intervals and at 1320 hrs the last puppy arrives. We are happy to have 8 enchanting babies, 4 boys and 4 girls. Mother and children are doing well. ♥ Congratulations Vita!

I-litter - 7 July 2016

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Isabella female 06:55 470
Ivanhoe male 07:08 550
Igor male 08:35 550
Isaiah male 08:55 670
Ilja male 09:10 660
Iduna female 10:35 480
Isleen female 10:47 660
Indira female 11:51 640

5 August 2016

The weather is wonderful and the little ones move out to their puppy house. Here they have much more space to play and romp and enjoy new experiences. Meanwhile the children have a visit almost every day. Adults, children, bicycles, wheelchairs etc, you have to get to know everything early.

18 August 2016

The little ones have completed their visit from the vet. There was a parvo vaccination.

28 August 2016

Jos and Ilse come to visit and examine our puppies. It is also interesting for the studdog owners to see how the children of their own dog develop. They are are very satisfied with our offspring and the little ones like to be hugged and kissed. It was a wonderful day for everyone.

7 September 2016

Today's the big day. The veterinarian has announced her 7-fold vaccination, chipping and liver shunt test. Contrary to expectations, the little ones let it happen without screaming. Brave children. In the afternoon we know for sure that all children are shunt-free.

Since two of the babies will move to England (Isleen and Ilja), I check the microchips again and notice Ilja‘s is no longer to be found. So we take the little man to the vet practice. Here the chip is also untraceable and Ilja is chipped again, gets a new vaccination pass and for safety's sake we check again. Happily we drive home. I check the chip again and can't believe it!!! It is already gone again! We call the vet, who can hardly believe it! So we drive down again but at the practice also the second chip does not show up any more. Now little Ilya is chipped a third time, this time the little hole is closed with a stitch. And again a new vaccination pass is issued. This time the chip works properly.

8 September 2016

Today our breeding supervisor Mrs. Günther comes to check the documents in detail, the microchips and the puppies very carefully. Everything is fine and the puppies can be registered in the stud book.

16 September 2016

Igor is the first puppy to leave us. One after another all puppies will move into their new families.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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