H-litter - 19 August 2015

How time passes

chronological diary of our H-litter, 2015

6 June 2015

We have waited excitedly for our Enza di Castello Berge to come into season and today she is! Now we can start our project "H-Litter". This time we decide on a male from Denmark: Wolfhouse Yale. He is owned by Ankie Somers and Marja Barten in the Netherlands. We contacted them a long time ago.

15 June 2015

The preparations for our trip to Ankie and Marja are in full swing. Today we go to the vet for the first herpes vaccination and the first progesterone test. The result: the progesterone level is still much too low.

17 June 2015

The second progesterone test will take place today. It reads 8.4 and we arrange to visit Ankie and Marja the next day.

18 June 2015

Today is the day. We travel to the Netherlands. The trip is relaxed, Enza sleeps through everything and around 15.00 hrs we reach our destination. We are warmly welcomed, a delicious cake and coffee are on the table and for Enza a freshly filled water bowl. Ankie and Marja run a hydrotherapeutic centre for dogs, Aquadog Nederland. They have an appointment with a Pyrenean mountain dog and we can watch the big guy doing his exercises in the giant pool with Marja.

Then the time has come. We let Enza together with Ravel (Wolfhouse Yale) in the big fenced meadow and... they are gone. We follow them slowly, they can't get out (Ankie says) and eventually we see them in the corner. Both are already hanging. That's what I call quick mating. Happily we start our journey home, of course not without making an appointment for the day after next.

20 June 2015

Again the same journey as two days before. This time we also meet our friend Irmgard deHaan there and it should be a wonderful day. But work comes before the pleasure. We leave Enza and Ravel together and again the same game: they have disappeared immediately on the giant meadow. Also this time we are rewarded again with a dreamlike mating. After the work is done, a wonderful meal awaits us. We sit together for a while and then it's time to leave. The time of waiting for the ultrasound begins.

10 July 2015

We're over the moon!!! It worked. The ultrasound shows Enza is to be a mother. Around 20 August 2015 we can look forward, if everything goes well, to a litter of little wolfhounds.

12 August 2015

The time so far has been quite unspectacular. Enza is doing her daily routine as usual, nothing points to any changes except that the lady is thick and round. Today was the 2nd herpes vaccination date.

18 August 2015

Enza's so restless. Somehow she doesn't know where to go. Back and forth and every now and then digging in a bed. However, food still tastes great.

19 August 2015

The first little boy arrives around midnight. From then until 12 noon 1 sugar-sweet bitch and 6 tough boys are born without any problem. All are healthy and lively. ♥ Congratulations Enza!

H-litter - 19 August 2015

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Hagrid-Finbarr male 00:50 580
Hidalgo male 02:05 600
Havel male 02:50 390
Holiday female 04:10 580
Henrique male 05:45 620
Horatio male 06:15 590
Harvey male 12:05 610

25 August 2015

The little ones grow like weeds and have doubled their birth weight.

13 September 2015

Today we have a visit from Ankie and Marja. Both of them are very enthusiastic about our sweet puppies. During the following days the little ones have visitors all the time and find it wonderfully exciting. There is always something new to discover.

7 October 2015

Today the little ones get to know our vet. The early vaccination against Parvo goes off without a hitch.

21 October 2015

Today's a big day. Our veterinarian comes for the 7-fold vaccination, chipping and liver shunt test. This causes some consternation among the little ones, but is quickly forgotten. And best of all: the babies are shunt-free!

26 October 2015

Today the last hurdle will be cleared! Our dear breeding supervisor, Mrs. Günther comes for the litter inspection. The chip numbers and the vaccination passes are checked carefully and the little ones are examined. Apart from a small umbilical hernia on Holiday there are issues complaints at all. We are happy.

7 November 2015

Horatio moves to his new family. Then one after another leave for their new lives. The last puppy to move is Hagrid. He is picked up by Anne at beginning of December to fly to the USA.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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