G-litter - 5/ 6 April 2014

How time passes

chronological diary of our G-litter, 2014

24 January 2014

Dolce Vita is finally in season. For a long time we have been looking forward to having puppies in our house again. We decided on Cualainn Jethro as the future father. In the Netherlands he is owned by the family of Jon Jansen, whom we contacted some time ago. So nothing stands in the way of our project.

29 January 2014

The inevitable visit to the vet is the first herpes vaccination.

1 February 2014

Today we did the first progesterone test. We don't need to go on the trip yet.

3 February 2014

This morning we have blood taken and drive the sample to the laboratory for the progesterone test. Somehow my gut feeling tells me not to wait for the result, just drive. After we've let Jon Jansen know of our trip to the Netherlands,we're off. We reach our destination early in the afternoon, are warmly welcomed and first get to know the Gaeltarra Eireann pack. Wonderful dogs in wonderful surroundings.

Dolce Vita and Jethro get to know each other on the huge meadow and are immediately in love. A short racing game and Jethro mates safely and reliably. My second visit depends on the result of the progesterone test. A short telephone call is enough. My husband welcomes me with the words: "Good that you drove today, progesterone at 11.3.“ So we will go again tomorrow.

4 February 2014

The journey is the same as the day before. When we arrive at our destination, Vita knows immediately what to do and starts to cry and bark in the car, according to the motto: WHERE IS JETHRO?? This time the mating is even faster than the day before, they don't play with each other. Now the waiting for the ultrasound starts.

28 February 2014

Hooray! It worked. Vita is pregnant.

28 March 2014

Vita's doing great. Today we go to our vet for the 2nd herpes vaccination. Now there are only a few days left.

5 April 2014

The whole day Vita is restless, out, in, scratching the whelping box, sleeping one to two hours and the whole thing again from the beginning. Around 22:40hrs the first puppy is born. A small male of 500 grams. Throughout the night one puppy after the other is born without any problems. Unfortunately also 2 puppies are born dead.

6 April 2014

Around 12:30 pm, the last puppy is born. We are happy with 5 strong boys and 3 beautiful girls. Mama and puppies are doing very well.

G-litter - 5/ 6 April 2014

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Genius male 22:40 500
Georgina female 01:10 500
Grace female 01:50 420
Gilian male 02:15 550
Gloria female 05:10 610
Gulliver male 05:55 690
Gideon Gandhi male 07:50 690
Gandalf male 12:30 650

8 May 2014

Now we've been hit too. A small male dog (Gandalf) is paralyzed down the whole of his left side. Puppy paralysis! At the vet it quickly becomes clear that it is a neurological problem. Where this comes from, nobody can answer. Only that the chances of this little man getting well are not too bad. He is treated with cortisone and a high dose of vitamin B complex. Physiotherapy is highly recommended to us.

9 May 2014

Today we have a visit from Mrs. Toczek, four-legged physio from Bergisch Gladbach. She develops a treatment plan for Gandalf. The next days and weeks are filled with exercises and treatments (stimulation current, massage, acupuncture etc.). For the first 2 to 3 weeks we enjoy Mrs. Toczek coming to the house.

20 May 2014

The last few days have been very turbulent. Of course Gandalf wants to be with his siblings. One can see very small improvements in him, but getting up alone doesn't work at all yet. He can move around to a certain extent if I lean him against the puppy fence with the paralyzed side. Temperament wise he is a totally funny little fighter, always in a good mood. Thank God the other puppies are growing and developing very well, all without any problems, so the main focus can be on Gandalf.

1 June 2014

Today we have a visit from the Jansen family. Suzanne, Marloes and Jon examine Jethro‘s children. For the little ones the visit is wonderful and they show the best of themselves. They are already used to visitors. Meanwhile the new puppy parents come to visit more often.

4 June 2014

The vet is there today. On the agenda for all puppies is the 7-fold vaccination,chipping and liver shunt tests. Our children probably won‘t like this visit. There‘s a lot of screaming, but happily all children are liver shunt free!

10 June 2014

Today our breeding supervisor, Mrs. Günther, comes for the litter inspection. The vaccination passes, microchips checked and all puppies very carefully inspected. Everything goes smoothly.

14 June 2014

Gulliver (now Gibbs) moves to his new home. Now the little ones will gradually move into their new families.

17 June 2014

Gandalf goes on an underwater treadmill for the first time today. I don't think that will be his favourite sport. He isn‘t at all cooperative, even most exciting treats couldn't persuade him to participate. He clearly likes stimulation current and massage better. His ability to walk gets better every day. On firm ground he can even stand up alone. I don't know whether he will recover completely, but for sure, he will be able to live with it.

Update on Gandalf

Many ask us what our little paralyzed male Gandalf is doing now.. See it for yourself, a video says more than thousand pictures.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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