In memory of Enrico

Enrico di Castello Berge,
born 19 April 2011, passed away 17 March 2018

Enrico was a typical Gentle Giant. Calm, reserved and highly sensitive. His health was always good, his heart was fine and he had no other problems. Vet visits needed only for vaccination. Therefore we were not worried when Rico didn't want his dinner on 16 March 2018. His temperature was 39.2 °C (102.4 °F), not especially high. But we were convinced something was wrong... but what? No coughing, no diarrhoea, no regurgitation. I couldn't work it out. The next morning he was the same. This time his temperature had risen to an alarming 40.5 °C (105.4 °F). We went straight to the vet where for the first time we noticed for the stretched head posture. X-rays and blood tests confirm the suspicion: pneumonia and sepsis. He was immediately given pain relief and strong antibiotics, and was put on oxygen. Shortly afterwards Rico fell into a coma and died. From the very first sign to his death was less than 20 hours.

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