E-litter - 18/ 19 April 2011

How time flies...

chronological diary of our E-Litter, 2011

3 February 2011

Anäis is in season. We are in a dilemma. The D-children will have just moved out when these children are born. A lot of thoughts are chasing through our heads, but we don't want to wait too long for a second litter from Anäis. The season is very suitable for a litter and we decide to start preparations. Some time ago we planned to use Eraser of First Avenue, to father Anais‘ pups, again a male belonging to Gary Janssens.

10 February 2011

We visit our veterinarian again, blood is taken for the progesterone test and I take it to the laboratory at Leverkusen myself. 2 hours later the result: today could already be a good day for the mating.

So, in the early afternoon we set off for Belgium. Upon arrival, as always, we take care of the physical well-being of humans and animals. Then Anäis and Eraser get to know each other. The two play as crazy as young dogs. It is so nice to watch the hustle and bustle. The mating itself goes very easily and quickly and we are home by early evening with a second date already fixed.

16 February 2011

Again we return to Ranst/Belgium. As before, after some wild play mating takes place quickly and purposefully. It is noticeable that both partners have experience. This time we don't go straight home, but to Turnhout to Regine Vandamme’s practice to check the progesterone again. The journey home went quickly. As soon as we get home, Regine let us know a third mating would be preferable. She suggests February 18.

18 February 2011

A third trip to Belgium. Anäis gives the impression that she knows exactly what it is all about. It's the same as the two days before: Wild game followed by a fast mating. Now the long waiting game begins.

14 March 2011

IT WORKED. We have babies, The ultrasound confirms Anais is carrying babies. If all goes well, we expect our little ones around April 20th.

18 April 2011

The whole morning our expectant mum is very restless, in and out, then nest digging followed by 1 to 2 hours of rest. This may be a strange night... but Anäis doesn't want to wait that long. Around 18:49 hours the first little boy is born and by midnight she has given birth to 4 pups.

19 April 2011

Every one or two hours another baby is born. Around 10:00 am another little girl is born and now I believe the family is complete. I ask our vet for a house visit during her lunch break to have a closer look at Anäis. Our new mother sleeps blissfully until our veterinarian arrives around 12:30 pm. Anäis wants to greet our vet and rushes to the gate... and as she does so, puppy no. 10, a little girl, is born. NOW we are complete. 3 beautiful boys and 7 smart little girls with mum and babies all well. The next days consist of satisfied sleep and drinking. The small family has a good time.

E-litter - 18/ 19 April 2011

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Eros male 18:49 620
Emilia female 21:10 540
Evienne female 22:12 520
Eileen female 22:51 540
Enza female 00:09 580
Enrico male 02:15 600
Errol male 03:40 560
Eloise female 09:23 540
Etienne female 10:56 600
Estelle female 12:30 560

10 May 2011

The breed supervisor comes for the first inspection. Everything is fine :-)

20 May 2011

It is time for more freedom... and the little ones move into the puppy house. There are so many new things for them to discover and learn.

25 May 2011

Visit from the vet. Even though not their favourite visitor, the puppies mastered the early vaccination against Parvo excellently. There is almost no crying. Now almost every day one or other of the new puppy parents visit and the little ones become familiar with both different people and new situations.

15 June 2011

Today's a big day. The veterinarian has announced her arrival for the big vaccination with chipping and liver shunt test. Again the girls are much braver than the boys. In the evening a big relief: all babies are healthy! Time to celebrate! The next days and weeks will be dominated by new experiences, walks in our forest, joining the pack and lots of visitors.

2 July 2011

Little Eileen is the first baby to leave for her new home. Now I have to let the children live their new lives.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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