D-litter - 20 January 2011

How time flies...

chronological diary of our D-litter, 2011

9 November 2010

For a long time all is quiet at Castello Berge . . . and then:

After a long wait, today our Arielle comes into season. We are planning a litter with her. As father we have already chosen the Belgian male Embasador of First Avenue, owned by Regine Vandamme. Now it is time for us to start preparing for the trip to have her mated.

16 November 2010

A visit to the vet today. Arielle receives the first herpes vaccination and the first progesterone test is done. In the evening we are sure it will be just a few days before we can travel.

19 November 2010

The second progesterone test is done today and looks much better. Tomorrow we can go to Belgium.

20 November 2010

Around noon we get ready for the 2 hour trip to Regine. As usual among IW people, we are well catered for. Meanwhile Gary has also arrived and we leave our two mating partners together. Embassador finds our Arielle upper class, not so Arielle, who shows her teeth first. Our girl doesn't appreciate such a clumsy performance at all. But an exuberant play challenge is very gladly accepted and afterwards the mating is no longer a problem. Around 21:00 hours we are very tired but safely home.

22 November 2010

To be on the safe side, we're going to Belgium again. This time our friend Aiga also joints the party. Much more fun if you can talk on the way. Arielle sleeps through the journey. The mating goes very smoothly this time and there is still some time for a little show training with Gary. Satisfied we are back home around 22:00 hours. Now for the waiting game which I am not good at!

20 December 2010

Christmas comes early for us!!! Arielle’s ultrasound shows she is carrying puppies.

12 January 2011

Visit to the vet! Arielle gets the second herpes vaccination. We are happy when the last days are over. Arielle has very swollen legs. Poor girl.

20 January 2011

It's done. Today between 12.00 noon and 22.00 hours 3 boys and 6 beautiful girls are born.

D-litter - 20 January 2011

name sex time of birth weight at birth
Deangelo male 12:00 640
Deirdre female 16:11 340
Dorothy female 16:30 580
Dariana female 17:00 680
Donna Lucia female 17:25 640
Domenica female 18:30 600
Danilo male 19:30 630
Diabolo male 21:05 570
Dolce Vita female 22:00 690

2 February 2011

The breed supervisor visits and is completely satisfied. Mama and children look splendid.

26 February 2011

The little ones move from the whelping room into their puppy house adjacent to the house. What an excitement. Little Deirdre is the first brave girl who has the courage to go outside. Little by little everyone dares to follow and from now on there is no stopping the pups as they play play, romp round and discover the world.

3 March 2011

The veterinarian comes to give the first Parvo vaccination. From now on the puppies can have many visits from the new puppy parents.

13 March 2011

Today is exciting. We have visitors from Belgium. Regine, Sandra and Gary are here to take a close look at Embassador’s children. The little ones pose for photos like true professionals. I'm so proud of them. A happy Sunday comes to an end.

16 March 2011

Visit from the vet! This time there is a lot on the agenda: 7 vaccinations, microchipping and liver shunt tests. The little girls are so brave but the 3 boys less so. Towards evening we can take a deep breath: all puppies are shunt-free. We are very happy.

17 - 20 March 2011

Our friend Sari Hottola from Kennel Oscailte is a welcome visitor from Finland. She will be Dorothy's new human mother.

18 March 2011

Today the breeding supervisor carries out the big litter inspection. The vaccinations, passports, chip numbers and of course every puppy is examined in detail. All in all everything is fine, only the little Deirdre has a back bite. This is not severe, but it is recorded in the documentation. However, what is worse: Domenica's chip is no longer there!!! So we take the puppy together with the breeding supervisor into the car and go to the vet to have a new chip inserted. Eventually all is well.

3 April 2011

The puppies begin their move to their new homes. Today little Diabolo left for Austria. Gradually the little ones go out into the world.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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