In memory of Boris

Boris, born on 01 July 1995, passed away on 19 November 2002

Boris was a Mastino Napolitano male. He was my godchild in the shelter. Unfortunately I could not take him completely to our home because I was also responsible for our other dogs. He had lived in the animal shelter since 1999, where I daily took care of him, if necessary also financially. A breeder had sold this great dog as a puppy to a couple of over 70 years old, which ended in a catastrophe for both sides. So his path to the shelter was inevitable. I got to know him in the shelter as "completely crazy" and there was a long road ahead to achieve our goal of making him a good companion.

He was also the reason why in 1999/ 2000 I qualified as a dog trainer and until 2003 ran the dog school in the Kürten animal shelter. Although he never lived completely with me, he was my "heart" dog and stays there forever.

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