B-litter - 24 May 2008

How time passes

Chronological diary of our B-litter, 2008

10 March 2008

Here we go again...

Anna (Holiday Celtic Alanda) is in season and soon we have another trip to the Netherlands. This time Anna will go to an older gentleman. Father of our B-litter will be Great Commotion van de Ruempol (aka Mark), a veteran male of over 8 years. The following days are filled with preparations (progesterone tests and herpes vaccination).

21 March 2008

After a leisurely drive to Holland we arrive at our destination around noon. We are warmly welcomed and catered for. In the early afternoon Anna and Mark (Great Commotion) get to know one another and immediately like each other. The mating works smoothly and quickly. Around 18:00 hrs we are on our way home.

23 March 2008

Easter Sunday, the highway is completely empty and we are on our way a second time to have Anna mated. Again everything is completely relaxed and without any problems. Now we must wait for the ultrasound test.

14 April 2008

The ultrasound confirms that if all goes well we will have puppies about the 25 May 2008.

16 May 2008

Today was the second herpes vaccination and now it goes slowly into the final phase. Anna gets rounder and rounder and the nervousness increases.

24 May 2008

Anna has a restless night and in the morning it is clear that today we will welcome our B-children into the world. At 10:24 am the first girl, little Baroness, is born. Throughout the day and into the early hours the pups arrive: by 01:10hrs Anna has 3 strong boys and 9 sugar-sweet girls. Great job Anna ♥

B-litter - 24/ 25 May 2008

name sex time of birth weight of birth
Baroness female 10:24 606
Baia Venice female 12:18 680
Bhoroo male 13:52 622
Belladonna female 14:57 612
Brenton Brogan male 15:08 715
Bernice female 15:55 685
Bernadette female 18:25 534
Beatrice female 18:51 560
Bianca Lovis female 19:44 690
Beauty Pearl female 20:25 660
Beetlejuice L. male 23:30 675
Brava Sophia female 01:10 675

30 May 2008

The little ones grow like weeds. Today the breeding supervisor comes for the first time. Mother and babies pass the first inspection.

10 June 2008

Today the puppies have their first examination by our vet. Heart and lungs are auscultated, the umbilicus, tails etc. checked and everything is fine.

23 June 2008

Slowly the puppy room becomes too small and the little ones move into the puppy house with space to run and play. So much new stuff to explore and learn.

8 July 2008

Today the babies have the puppy vaccination against Parvo. Not bad at all.

25 July 2008

Today is the big vet day: vaccination, chipping and liver shunt test. The little ones hardly complain. Brave children! And the most wonderful thing is that all puppies are healthy and shunt-free. We are so happy.

26 July 2008

Another big day. The breeding supervisor comes again, there are no issues and the little ones can now be registered in the DWZRV stud book.

2 August 2008

Baroness, Brenton and Baia Venice are the first children to leave us. Now one after the other go to their new homes.

We wish our "children" a long and happy life with their hopefully happy new parents.

Elke and Johann Stein

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